How Quantum Graphics Became a True Partner to I See Me!

I See Me! is a market leader offering thoughtfully written and illustrated highly personalized children’s hard cover keepsake books of exceptional quality. Their website also offers other personalized gifting products, including placemats, growth charts, game products and puzzles. I See Me! hosts their website and is the creative engine for these products but outsources their manufacturing. As such, the relationship with their manufacturing partners is critical to the company’s success.

As with any relationship, sometimes things do not always turn out as planned. “Our previous printer was over-leveraged and when their business went under, ours almost went with it,” said Kathy Whitbeck, CFO and VP of Operations at I See Me!. “After we started working with Quantum, we knew we were at the start of a very special relationship. Their commitment to our business – the consistent quality and reliability of what they deliver – is remarkable….” Having worked together almost 10 years, the relationship has continued to develop over time.

“To ensure our own success, we try to understand our customer’s business, and their needs and goals,” says Nick Mlinar, Quantum Graphics VP of Sales. “If we can understand their business and meet their needs, our success should follow!” There is mutual admiration in this relationship. “I See Me! has such a wonderful collaborative culture. As their manufacturer, Quantum Graphics would be proud to be considered an extension of their business.”

This relationship is a daily task master. A typical I See Me! order consists of one or more personalized hardcover books, along with other personalized products. Orders sold through I See Me!’s multiple sales channels are electronically transferred daily from I See Me! to Quantum Graphics for manufacturing with an expected 48 hour turn time. An average day may consist of 350- 500 orders, and that order volume can rise beyond 3,000 daily orders during peak holiday season.

“The consistent quality and reliability of what they deliver is extraordinary, particularly during our busy season,” said Whitbeck. “They truly care about our business.”

And Quantum does care about their business. In fact, Quantum Graphics does more than print and fulfil orders; they also help with the research and development of new products which has helped expand the product line and extend the customer lifecycle.

“They suggest new, innovative products and formats and it often feels like we’re part of the same business,” said Whitbeck. “We’ve grown together and throughout time, Quantum has always delivered on our promise of 100% satisfaction that we guarantee to our customers.”

Quantum appreciates the relationship it has developed with I See Me! and looks forward to many more years of partnering with this innovative company.